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      TorFX is a leading foreign currency broker with over 10 years experience in providing first-class customer care and specialist transfer services.

      Whatever personal or corporate foreign exchange requirements you may have, TorFX is here to help.

      As the world becomes increasingly international, a growing number of individuals are moving money abroad to fund property purchases, meet mortgage payments, transfer wages or pensions or meet import/export costs. When these kind of transfers are made through a bank they can be both time consuming and costly.

      TorFX, on the other hand, strives to offer its clients a personal, reliable and cost-effective range of specialist services, without applying the transfer fees and commission costs levied by most banks.

      To eliminate some of the stress involved with international payments, all clients are assigned their own dedicated Account Manager. These currency experts act as a constant point of contact and will always be there to provide support and specialist guidance.

      As exchange rates are highly volatile (with some currency pairings having the potential to move by as much as 10%) moving money abroad also comes with a degree of risk. TorFX can help its clients safeguard their transactions from exposure to adverse currency movements by giving them the option of fixing a favourable exchange rate for up to two years in advance of a trade with a Forward Contract or setting up a Limit Order, whereby a currency is purchased automatically once it hits a pre-determined rate.

      Furthermore, TorFX makes it easy for its clients to keep track of market movements and currency trends by supplying them with regular market updates and exchange rate analysis.

      So why should you use TorFX for your foreign currency exchange requirements?

      Well, TorFX clients benefit from:

      Competitive Exchange Rates
      No Transfer Fees, 0% Commission
      Dedicated Account Managers
      Risk Management Guidance
      Online Trading Options
      Key Facts:

      Trusted by 50,000 personal and 4,000 corporate clients
      Authorized by the FCA
      Transacts international payments in excess of £800,000,000 per annum
      Holds the highest level of creditworthiness with Dun & Bradstreet
      TorFX takes every exchange personally, so get in touch and see how they can help you save time and money on your foreign currency transfers.


      Free Transfer & Low minimum transfer amount (£100)

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              Free Quote

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One Comment

Brittany Balague
Rating: 5

TorFX got in touch within a few hours of me applying for the service and my account was set up on the same day. The staff were very helpful and the service was great. I will definitely be using them for all future transfers.

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