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      Founded in 1984, we have been relocating our clients’ pets around the world for 30 years. We are the only pet travel company with offices in the UK, Australia and the USA, meaning we can take care of your pets from door to door. All our staff are animal mad, we have animal handlers, trainers, psychologists and vets on the team, all of whom have one thing in common - they love animals!

      Starwood Animal Transport’s vision is to provide the most complete & best value for money pet travel services available worldwide. Having offices at each end of a journey gives you a single point of contact and allows us to control all elements in house.

      Starwood Animal Transport UK offers the following pet travel services:

      Personal travel consultant throughout your pet’s trip
      Pre-travel advice on all aspects of your preparation
      Flight booking on the most direct route available
      All export documentation including APHA (DEFRA) and Customs requirements
      Veterinary preparation, including liaising with your own vet to talk them through what’s needed
      Collection from your home anywhere in the UK
      Pre-travel boarding at a luxury boarding facility
      Provision of a tailor made airline specification travel carrier to rent (subject to destination) or buy
      All travel carriers are lined with VetBed to ensure a dry and comfortable flight and sprayed with either Feliway for cats or Adaptil for dogs. These natural pheromones replicate those given off by suckling mothers, so help pets to relax
      Pre-flight veterinary examination
      Extensive and secure pre-flight exercise areas
      Delivery to the airline for our express pet check in
      Provision of our Pet Protection Plan for your peace of mind throughout your pet’s trip
      Full destination services, including Import Permit, Customs clearance, Quarantine (where applicable) and delivery to your new home

      We can tailor any package to suit your requirements, making your move as easy as possible. All you need to do is select what services you desire and we’ll do the rest.


      Free VetBed carrier lining, bowls and funnel with all confirmed bookings whether you buy your carrier through us or not.



      Office Locations

      UK - London, Manchester (Opening Jan 15)
      USA - Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, Chicago, New York
      Australia - Brisbane

      Free No Obligation Quote

      How Long Prior To Departure Do You Recommend Arranging A Pet Transfer

      Between 1 and 7 months depending where you are going

      The veterinary preparation can take up to 7 months, if you are going to Australia, but for most other places a month is more than enough.

      Please List Any Dog Breeds You Do Not Support

      The airlines will not fly any of the following breeds:

      Dogo Argentino
      Fila Brazileiro
      Japenese Tosa
      American Pit Bull
      Pit Bull Terrier
      Perro de Presa Canario
      Presa Cario
      A domestic/non domestic animal hybrid (i.e. wolf/dog cross)
      Some airlines also have restrictions on snub nosed breeds. Please call us for clarification.

      Will You Collect Pets From Anywhere In The Uk And Ireland


      Which Airports Are You Near

      London Heathrow
      London Gatwick
      Manchester (From Jan 14)

      Do You Have Your Own Kennels


      Which Are Your Preferred Airlines

      Air New Zealand
      British Airways
      United Airlines

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