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      About Us

      Better care, everywhere

      Not every country has a system like our NHS. So ask yourself this question, “How can I make sure I’ll get high quality treatment in an emergency?

      Travel insurance is unlikely to help you out with a wide range of illnesses and conditions. But Aviva’s IPMI policy gives you better care, everywhere:

      Aviva’s International Private Medical Insurance policy is for people who are living and/or working outside their country of nationality for six months or more of the year.
      It’s an award-winning policy, offering more than just emergency care – you’ll get help with routine treatment and a range of support services 24/7.

      There are options to add additional benefits too, like Dental and Optical cover, Maternity cover (sometimes a legal requirement) and cover for repatriation and/or evacuation.
      Aviva has all the connections with healthcare professionals worldwide, to make sure that policyholders get the high quality treatment they deserve. Do you want to be sure you and your family can get high quality medical care, while you’re overseas?




      How Are Claims Made

      We make it easy to make a claim
      If things go wrong overseas, you need the right kind of help – and the confidence your policy is with a provider who understands the local situation and will take care of everything for you.

      We make sure the focus is on getting better, not getting the paperwork done. We’re a global brand, but we believe it’s our local knowledge and experience that really makes
      a difference. It’s the reason we’ve created such strong, close working relationships with local claims management companies and medical assistance providers – so we can be confident of giving you the best possible support and healthcare, when and where it’s needed.

      How Long Before Claims Are Paid

      This can vary on a case by case situation, however if the claim is treatment for In/Day patient care or large bills, then we would look to settle directly with the medical facility.

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