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Up to £200 off your packing materials
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PSS International Removals

£50 discount for clients who have a shared container. *£100 discount for clients who have their own dedicated container.


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Doree Bonner


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Anglo Pacific

£75 discount for removals valued in excess of £1500. *excludes excess baggage, air or air courier shipments where we can offer £500 of free insurance


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John Mason


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shipping_facts_2To find the service that suits you, we strongly recommend doing your research. Generally you should begin searching for a suitable shipping & moving company 8-12 weeks before your departure date. That gives you plenty of time to compare and select the best company for your needs.

All removal companies will have the ability to provide you with a breakdown of their services; it’s also worth enquiring about any additional services they offer that might be of interest to you. Don’t be afraid to ask companies questions like – What the benefits are of using them? Do they have proof to back these statements up? Do they have experience helping migrants? All the answers to these types of questions help assure you that your belongings are in good hands!

At we have partnered with companies that have the experience and the tools to help make your move an easy one. In a few simple steps you can connect with suppliers and obtain further information, to help make your decision.

Snapshot of fees and charges:

Costs will vary between shipping companies, with margins being quite substantial, so ensure you always identify and understand the charges included in any shipping quote you receive. A written quote should be received roughly 3-5 days after you met with an Estimator. This quote should provide details of the items being shipped, how they will be shipped and when they will be shipped. All of those factors have a direct impact on the cost.

Always identify your payment options, as the majority of shipping & moving companies will request a deposit to confirm the booking, followed by full payment on the receipt of invoice.

What To Look For:

Most shipping companies ship to destinations all over the world, so it shouldn’t be hard to find reviews on their levels of customer service.

We recommend finding out what services are on offer and if they do anything that differentiates them from their competitors.

Most companies offer a packing and un-packing service, which is great if you prefer a hands-off approach to moving. Most companies also like to
go the extra mile to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible, so you can often get this service at a good price.

Helpful Facts

Shipping QuoteThere are a number of different memberships and regulators within the shipping & moving industry – but we’ve collected and listed the main ones to be aware of.

The British Association of Removers (BAR) promotes the development of professional moving services in the UK.

BAR Overseas Group comprises of over 50 UK companies that are required to meet strict standards, ensuring the best level of service is offered.

The International Association of Movers (IAM) is a non-profit global trade association, representing over 2000 quality movers and related service providers, in over 170 countries worldwide.

The International Federation of International Movers (FIDI) is the largest global organisation representing professional international removal companies.

Estimates in the moving industry are made by either weight, or by cubic feet.

For long distance moves, (like New Zealand) the cost is typically determined by the weight or size of items to be shipped, plus the distance they will travel. Some Movers will offer flat rate pricing.