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Moving To Australia? Arrange Your Pet Transport Today.

    • Shipping your pet can be a stressful time, not just for you but for them as well, to help you arrange the process we’ve partnered with the people that can help you! The companies listed can provide all the advice you require to give you peace of mind, but also provide a great service. The Process is easy, simply click the “Company Review” to view more details on each company. Then select the “Request A Call” or “Apply” button in the comparison table. You will then be contacted for your free consultation.
  • How Does Pet Transport Work?

    Moving to a new country can be an exciting prospect for both yourself and any animals you own… But it can also be quite stressful if due care and attention is not paid to your pet. As the pet transport process is quite prolonged, you will want to begin planning straight away.

    The process is pretty straightforward and Pet transport companies will be as hands on or off depending on your requirements. Here is a list of services you would expect a pet relocation company to offer –

    • > Free No Obligation Quote
    • > Help with vaccinations, treatments and advice
    • > Travel documents and health certificates
    • > Collection and drop-offs
    • > Flights, kennels and quarantine
    • > Permits and clearance through customs

    Most importantly “care”. We only work with pet relocation companies that treat your pets like their own. To get a better understanding of the services to expect, we recommend you arrange a free quote using our comparison table above.

    How Much Does Pet Transport Cost?

    The cost will depend on the combined weight of your pet and the kennel. Also any extras or compulsory services like quarantine, pick-up and drop off points. Due to this it is hard to put a figure on it, so the best option is for you to arrange at least two quotes, so you can compare the two.

    What is Important to know?

    A number of companies based in the UK and Australia will be able to assist with your pet transfer – but for the guaranteed comfort of your beloved pet, please check out their reviews first. We believe that feedback directly from other customers in the same position as yourself is the best indication of the true quality of service.

    We recommend finding out the following from your pet transfer company:

    Do they offer Pick-up and Delivery – between Airport, Kennels, Quarantine, Veterinarians and your home?

    Will they assist or arrange ALL the flight reservations – using airlines and flight times to suit your pet’s requirements?

    Will they provide or advise on the correct Kennel to suit country and airline specifications in accordance with IATA regulations?

    Will they assist with all the paperwork regarding vaccinations and health certificates? These change on a fairly regular basis, so the company must be up to speed with current information.

    Will they arrange all the necessary paper work – domestically and internationally, including import licenses and customs clearances?