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Setup your Australian bank account before you leave.

Opening an Australian bank account is one of the easiest things you will do when moving to Australia. Most Australian banks have migrant banking teams that help arrange your banking needs. What’s great is you can use your current UK details to setup the account, meaning you don’t have to have an Australian address. However to access the account when you arrive you will need to activate the account in person, with the required Identification. The benefits of opening your Aussie account from the UK include the below;

  • Debit Cards IconDebit cards. Your debit card will be ready and waiting for you at the chosen branch. Once this is activated and your pin is setup you will have access to your funds straightaway.


  • No Monthly Fee imageNo monthly fees. The general offer across the board is a 12-month fee waiver, meaning you won’t have to pay any fees before you arrive. This gives you the option to set up your Australian bank account well in advance of your arrival date.


      • Money IconAvailable funds. You can start sending money into your Australian bank account to ensure you have funds available on arrival. We recommend using a Foreign Currency Broker to do your international money transfer, as they generally offer more competitive exchange rates. For more information on international money transfers go to the currency exchange page


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