How to find a reliable & trusted migration agent for Australia

How To Find A Trusted Migration Agent Australia

If you’re considering a move to Australia, then the biggest hurdle to jump is the visa process. You have the option to complete the application yourself or use a migration agent. Using a migration agent comes with many benefits. In this article we explain why people turn to migration agents for Australia, and what to look for.

Why people use migration agents for Australia?

Peace of mind
It can be overwhelming the amount of paperwork involved. On top of this is the visa cost which isn’t cheap, so the pressure of doing everything correctly can be stressful. For this reason alone you can understand why people rely on Migration specialists.

Professional help is good help
A good migration agent for Australia offers experience and knowledge. They will only submit applications with a good chance of being approved. The application process can be time consuming, especially if you do it alone. So using a professional that understands the process can reduce the time preparing.

Complex cases
Not every case is straightforward. The more complex the case, the greater the need for an agent. With a variety of visa categories and options to choose from, selecting the right one is key.

Fear of rejection
Not all cases are rejected, so take the dramatic heading with a pinch of salt. Thousands of visas are granted each year without the use of an agent. On the flip side there are plenty turned away for one reason or another. This is why we recommend reaching out to an agent in the initial stages. There is nothing wrong with a second opinion, they may highlight something you’ve missed.

What to look for when choosing a migration agent for Australia?

MARA registered
Migration agents in Australia should be listed with the Migration Agents Regulatory Authority. This is an absolute must when choosing an agent. In Australia it’s illegal to provide visa advice if you’re not MARA registered. However it’s not illegal to practice outside Australia, so you will come across unregistered agents from time to time. Yet we still recommend sticking to a MARA registered agent, there are plenty in the UK.

It’s always good to use an agency packed full of experience. This is normally a good selling point for agents, so they will bring this to your attention nice and early. It’s a competitive industry, so it’s always a positive sign if a company has some years behind them.

Simply spending ten minutes searching for reviews will never hurt.You can quickly get a rough idea of a companies reputation and their services. On the comparison pages we have provided a review of each provider we work with.

Free no obligation quote
The good news is most agencies offer a free no obligation quote. They first need an overview of your current situation to see if they can help. After this point they will provide a quote and details of their services. Try and avoid companies requesting fees upfront. Especially when they haven’t identified if you even qualify for a visa.

If you need help connecting with a registered migration agent for Australia then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We only recommend agents that are registered and provide a great service. Find out more on our Migration agents Australia page.


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