Get Prepared! How to emigrate to Australia.

How to emigrate to Australia

Trading in your wellies for ‘thongs’ and jumping on the nearest plane may sound straightforward, but in reality the process can be long, stressful and expensive. To aid with avoiding these complications, we have simplified the process for you in this article, and highlighted the key areas to research on how to emigrate to Australia.

like for like test.

You can spend hours comparing your country to Australia hoping to identify if the grass is greener. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it’s a great idea. However, making sure you compare the right things that are directly applicable to you is important. Realistically, just comparing the cost of a loaf of bread may not be the best way to spend your time. At Migration Compared, we believe you should highlight three or four main areas that could make or break your decision. As everyone’s situation is different, the areas you choose to compare may vary from that of other people. For example; if you have kids, then highlighting the best schools and school catchment areas may be higher up the list than, say, the best bars and clubs for great Nightlife. Below are four common questions we suggest to ask in the like for like test.

Which state in Australia suits you best?

Deciding where to live in Australia is an important part of the process, as where you choose will impact your living costs, social life and overall sea-change experience.

One of our own, Ben, recently moved from the UK to Australia. When we asked him why he decided to move to Sydney? He replied “I have lived in London for the past 8 years and loved it. I believe Sydney is a smaller version of London, with the same fast pace and diversity, so I knew I would fit in well”. You can read in more detail about his move in his upcoming article, “Our dream move to Australia, the best & worst parts.”. As you can see, the logic behind his move made sense, so, choose wisely and really consider each state and what it can offer for you.

How expensive is it to rent or buy?

Comparing house prices from one country to another can be a difficult task, especially with the Australian market rumoured to be on the expensive side. Yes, parts of Australia are more expensive, but isn’t this the same in every country? Take Sydney house prices as an example; if you compare them to the countryside in the UK, than yes, it will be more expensive. If you compare to the capital of the UK London, then you will find the answer is more comparable. Understanding the cost of living in Australia in relation your potential salary income is important when researching the cost of buying or renting an Australian property.

How does the salary market in Australia compare to the UK?

Having a good idea of your potential earnings in Australia is key. It will largely influence where you decide to move, the affordability of a work/life balance and ultimately, how much you will have left to save or spend. To compare the difference is easy, just jump onto Google and type in the likes of, “how much does a Business Development Manager get paid in Melbourne”. We found a result in minutes using a helpful site called Example continues below:

Location: Melbourne, Average Salary: $78,000AUD

Location: London, Average Salary: £35,000GBP

Like anywhere, in Australia the more experience and/or qualifications you possess, the more earning potential you have.

How will your social life compare to the UK?

Doing your research on the areas you will potentially live will enable you to be a better judge on how your social life will change when you do actually emigrate to Australia. If you are into your sport, then you will look into what clubs and grounds are near you, and the good news is there is no shortage of sports to follow in Australia. Or, you might be interested in being close to great restaurants, vineyards or markets where you can meet like-minded individuals. Either way, it’s important wherever you live that you are able to enjoy doing the things you love. Research is paramount when comparing your social life in the UK.

What’s next?

Another important area to consider are the costs of moving.  The first step is to decide which services you need by assessing what you will take with you, the relative costs of each service, and when to utilize them. The services commonly used by people emigrating to Australia are listed below.

  • Migration agents to help with your visa
  • Currency brokers to exchange your money to Australian dollars at competitive exchange rates.
  • Shipping & moving companies to ship your belongings from A to B safely.
  • Banking services so you have a bank account ready on your arrival.
  • Pet Transport services so you can take your furry friend with you (if you have a pet).

These are a handful of services you can arrange to use before you leave, and there are plenty more to choose from.

How do I find these services?

Fortunately for you, at Migration Compared we have teamed up with a great selection of companies providing a range of services to choose from. We give you the tools to compare, review and connect all for free. The motive is to help you find the right company for you with reliability you can trust.

How much will it cost?

The cost of your move to Australia will obviously depend on the services you use. The only way to get a clear understanding of the costs is through quotes. This is why 95% of our partners offer ‘FREE, no obligation’ quotes, so you can first identify if they are the company for you without spending a penny. There are some areas exchanging money and booking flights that have set prices, but most services are relative to your individual needs. If you do decide to make the move or you need help sourcing quotes, head to the Moving To Australia page to start comparing

The conclusion

If you do your research into the areas listed above, we believe you will be in a good position to make an informed and positive decision in taking the steps to a better life in Australia. There will always be an element of stepping into the unknown, but this isn’t always a bad thing. If you don’t try, you won’t know. So utilize our links and get prepared, the more you plan the greater the chances of a successful, fulfilling emigration.


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