Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to our FAQ page, we have put together our frequently asked questions from our customers, we have also added some of our own we believe you will find helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your questions haven’t been covered, either send us an email via our Contact Page or Live Chat!


1. Why use Migration Compared?

We can save you time & money by connecting you with recommended companies within the migration industry. Our service is completely Free for our customers & you can Compare, Connect & Review in a few simple steps! We are also the first comparison website of it’s kind for moving countries.

2. Do I pay to use Migration Compared?

No. Lucky for you our service is completely free to use. Another benefit is the exclusive offers we have arrange with some of our partners.

3. How does the process work

First you need to choose the country & service you want to compare. Once you have registered you can apply for as many companies as you wish. When the apply button is hit, your details are automatically sent to the right person within the company & you will be contacted within 24-48 hours of application (excluding weekends).

*Please note the Apply All button can be overwhelming, so if selected make sure you’re prepared to hear from 5x companies regarding the same service.


4. What happens when I apply for a job?

Firstly it’s important you upload your CV before you start to apply for Jobs, this
way you give yourself the best opportunity of getting a response. When you select apply, your contact details & CV is forwarded to the correct person advertising the Job, If they feel you’re a good fit for the role, they will get in touch.

5. What to do if i’m not contacted?

It is important to us that everyone is contacted, If you haven’t received any
communication after applying for a service please contact us & we will follow up with the supplier!

You can contact us via our Contact Page or Live Chat.


6. How do I view my applications?

In your Profile Area you will be able to upload information to build your profile, you can upload your CV & contact details. In this area you can View Job & Service applications.  You will notice your application status will be X – Don’t panic, the supplier has received your application. After they have made contacted you this status will change.

7. What Countries do you cover?

We currently help people moving from Australia, New Zealand & Canada. That being said we have every intention of expanding our horizons & adding countries so watch this space……..

8. How does MC afford to pay the bills?

Like most companies we need to make money to provide our service. Our revenue comes in the form of commission or advertising costs. This doesn’t effect the cost of quote, in fact we often help you save because of the competition between providers. We also choose the services by recommendations and experience, not by the level of commission.

9. How did you choose who to work with?

We have been in the industry long enough & built up strong relationships with the partners we work with. We believe we are working with some of the best providers in the industry & are happy to put their name next to ours. If at any point a relationship changes, or a supplier wasn’t meeting the standards we highly set, we would simply remove them & connect you with a supplier that meets your requirements.

10. Can you give migration advice?

No. We provide a service to connect customers with the right people who are qualified to provide reliable advice. We are not Registered Migration Agents & only provide advice on the “How To” use the website & provide live support to make the journey as easy as possible for our users. We aim to keep our Blog updated with helpful information, sometimes sponsored by a specialist, so help yourself to the free info we provide!

11. How do I become a supplier?

If you believe your Company/Service is a good fit with ours & you can offer our customers some added benefit, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Partner with us page.