Sydney Moving Guide

What Is The Best Way To Move To Sydney?

Moving to Sydney is no easy task, you have a million things to consider and hundreds of boxes to tick. This explains why people always ask us the question “What is the best way to move to Sydney?” To help we have created a little guide with massive tips!

In this guide we give you all the tools you need to plan your move and connect with recommended companies, on top of this we have some great deals and discounts in place for our registered customers. So grab your pen and your notepad and lets get you one step closer to the sunny shores of Sydney!

Where to start? Well first lets find out whats going on in Sydney! We have some really helpful articles below packed full of information on the best places to go, events to put in the diary and the beaches you can’t miss. When you’ve consumed enough information and satisfied Sydney is the place for you, then head down under (Scroll down) to see what services you need to get in touch with.

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Sydney Moving Guide

Where Can I Get A Visa For Australia?

First task on the list is your Visa! Without a visa you’re not going anywhere, so lets have a look at the your options.

Option One: The Australian Government Website provides the tools to complete online applications for all visas for Australia. One of the benefits of going direct to the Government website is you can save on additional fees you would incur if you used a Migration Agent. If you’re applying for a Working Holiday Visa, then we recommend doing so direct because the requirements are pretty standard and straightforward. For other visas with more complex requirements like 457 Sponsorship, De facto visas & Permanent Residency visas, it is undoubtably easier using a migration agent.

Option Two: Using A Migration Agent comes with a range of benefits but most importantly it helps reduce the risk of making errors on the application you submit. You also have the extra confidence of having someone managing your application that has experience and the qualifications to do so. At migration Compared we are not Registered Migration Agents but we work with a number of recommended companies, all offer a free initial consultation to help you answer the first and most important question “Do you qualify?”.

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How Do You Ship Your Belongings To AustraliaHow Do You Ship Your Belongings To Australia?

Second task on the list is to work out what (if any) belongings you need to ship to Sydney. We know it’s crazy right, having to choose what makes the cut and will join you on your travels, not forgetting that the more you take the bigger the cost.

Step One: First step is to decide what exactly you’re taking with you, obviously the more you take the greater the cost. So we recommend you first research if it’s cheaper to send it, sell it or buy it? After you have a good idea on what you intend to ship to Australia, the next step is to get a Free Quote.

Step Two: Get a few quotes for different size boxes/containers. When you have an idea of the costs, it should make your decision easier if you are still unsure which items you should take or not. With your quote will be estimated shipping times, if you’re only sending Excess Baggage, then the delivery times can be less than 3 weeks. If you’re sending a full container, then approximate shipping times to Australia are between 6-9 weeks, for shared containers the shipping time is normally around 9-12 weeks.

Step Three: After you have chosen which company to use, make sure you pack well! No dirt on shoes or golf clubs! Two Migration Compared team members had their shipments held up at customs because they took their eye off the ball and didn’t clean everything.

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How To Send Money To AustraliaHow Do You Send Money To Sydney?

Third task is sorting out your finances! Now there are a few parts to this but the two main are; Setting up an Australian Bank Account, and the second is choosing who and how you send your money into that account.

Step One: The good news is setting up a Aussie account is easy and you don’t have to be in Australia to do so. You can use your current address and simply activate the account in person when you arrive. We have a dedicated page for Banking In Australia here you can request for one of the migrant banking team to get in touch.

Step Two: When you send money to Sydney you will need to go through a foreign exchange transaction, converting your money from Great British Pounds (GBP) into Australian Dollars (AUD). Now it’s important you get the best exchange rate possible, the better the rate the more money you receive, so avoid sending your funds with your local bank when possible. Not only will you incur International Money Transfer Fees, nine times out of ten the exchange rate will be worse. For this reason people choose to use “Currency Brokers” to send money to Sydney. To see which Currency Broker offers the best exchange rates you can use our currency converter and start sending when you’re ready.

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