The Migration Compared story


apple-touch-iconWe were born from a realisation that people wishing to migrate actually had no central place to access and compare all the information needed for a successful move. For migrants, this made the process confusing and all the more daunting.

We knew there was a simpler way.

The solution is an online space where scattered information on migration is collected, compared and accessible in a few straightforward steps. By revolutionising the way people access migration services, we aim to become the No.1 website assisting Permanent Migrants, Skilled Migrants, Working Holiday Makers and Students.

We offer a unique service – delivering reliable, honest information from our partner companies, with our every effort going into making your migration easy!

Meet the team


Ben Hewitt
Managing Director
Describe yourself in 20 words? - I am competitive, passionate, driven and unfortunately a really bad loser!
If you could sit down for a beer with anyone, from anywhere in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why? - This is a tough one, I always enjoy hearing successful business stories from people that overcame the struggles, someone like Jan Koum (CEO and cofounder of WhatsApp) I read somewhere he was living off food stamps at one point! Now worth over $6 Billion
What is/are your biggest aspiration(s)? - To tick every box and adventure that has crossed my mind, but doing so with family, friends and people that make me laugh!
Favorite place to visit in England? Why? - This is an easy one for me, London is my go to spot in the UK. There is so much to do, the transport is great and it’s close to my family.
Most loved thing(s) about Australia thus far? - There is nothing better than a good coffee and the Bronte to Bondi walk by the beach & in the sun!
Cheesy Quote? - “Leave this world with memories, not dreams”.
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Jahangir Aslam
Head Developer
Describe yourself in 20 words? - I love to program and have done so for 16,000 hours over the past five years. I’m great at knowing the right algorithm for a problem because I read computer science literature constantly.
Ashleigh Cook
Describe yourself in 20 words? - I am a linguistically minded 'word nerd', with a passion for food, travel and a good pun on the odd occasion.
If you could travel anywhere? - So many answers! Right now, Canada is in the forefront - as a Kiwi, I am drawn to countries with a lot of natural beauty. Mountains, hiking, lakes, bears (and beers)... take me there!
Most dangerous thing you have done? - Now, adrenaline is not my strong suit, but certainly - skimming cliff-sides at the mercy of the driver, in an overcrowded public transport van around BLIND corners in remote parts of China (with one or all wheels getting air at some point) would have to be my idea of a wild ride.
Favourite Ethnic Food? - Having spent four months travelling in Asia, I have to say that real, fresh Chinese food is what thrills my taste-buds the most. If you are looking for the Sichuan experience a bit closer to home - 'Like Noodle' in Hurstville, Sydney, is my go-to for an authentic, Chinese cuisine.
Cheesy Quote? - Everyone loves a cheesy quote! "The only person who is going to give you everything you've ever wanted, is you".

Behind the scenes we have great support from one of the top SEO companies in the business, working hard to get our comparison machine up the rankings.

We also have a great team of developers and a copy writer making sure our content is fresh and relevant.

Our simple aim:

  • To save you time and money
  • To give you all the information you need to make informed choices
  • To be an honest helping hand


So look no further & get in touch with a team that cares, who connect you with the people that matter! 

“Migration, the easy way….”