7 mistakes people make when moving to Australia.

7 Mistakes Moving to Australia

Every year, thousands of people move to Australia searching for a fresh start and a better way of life. This is an exciting, life changing process – and it can be all too easy to let idealistic excitement cloud the vital organisation that is necessary when undertaking such a task. At Migration Compared, we are a real team, of real people. We’ve emigrated ourselves, and have experienced the elating highs that confirm that you did, in fact, make a fantastic choice when choosing to move to the other side of the planet, and the occasional lows, which often – with a bit of foresight – can be easily prevented. To aid in avoiding this, we have listed 7 common mistakes people make when moving to Australia.

#1 – Cutting corners.

Being thorough in all areas of emigration documentation is vital, but on this occasion we refer to the Visa application. We understand, the paperwork can be tedious and having to supply a seemingly endless amount of supporting documents isn’t easy, but these steps are there for good reason – so ensuring you follow the system is important for an overall smoother experience.

The De Facto (partner) Visa application is a prime example. You have to be in your relationship for at least twelve months to qualify. To prove this, you need to provide evidence that your relationship is genuine. Photos, bank statements and references are all required. This is a common stage where people make the mistake of cutting corners and apply too early, and it’s paramount that you put the effort into building the strongest case possible. For whatever reason, if you don’t meet the requirements then be patient, take the time needed or save some more money until you do.

#2 – Bad planning.

Often, bad planning is simply the result of not doing your research or under-estimating moving and living costs. This is as imperative as making sure you’re moving to the right area for you, and being confident that the change is really what you want before you book your flight. We all hope the grass will be greener on the other side, but we can all guarantee the best chance of this by starting your move correctly, with clear quotes and a list of necessary logistics to ensure the right planning.

The first step is identifying exactly what you are hoping to gain from moving. Write a list – create a mood board.  Build your plan of attack around these sections and give yourself the best opportunity of covering all of the areas necessary. You can refer to our article “How to Emigrate to Australia” for a comprehensive list of areas to include for the best plan possible.

#3 – Underestimating the Job market.

You would be extremely fortunate to move to a new country and walk straight into your dream job. Unless you’re coming to Australia via a 457 Visa, the pressure may quickly build to find work and a stable career – especially if your move is permanent. At Migration Compared, we believe you should always allow for a few setbacks, whilst aiming for the best! Careful planning and research will educate you to save that little bit harder before you move, and help you prepare if the job hunt takes longer than expected. Be realistic; apply for the jobs that are relevant to you and your qualifications. Up-skill, and diversify where needed. Then, if you do happen to find the right one relatively quickly, you can explore your new country with money you saved as a fallback.

 #4 – Not saving enough money.

As mentioned above, this is the most common mistakes people make when moving to Australia – or any country – in fact. When you first arrive it’s exciting, and you will no doubt be in tourist mode, spending money on new experiences along with the costs of setting up new lodgings. It can be hard to keep control of the pennies. On top of these are the forgotten ‘little’ costs; like sim cards or phone adapters and drivers licenses. These all add up.  So, make sure you save more than enough, to empower you with more choices when starting afresh in Australia.

#5 – No back-up plan

Keeping your options ‘open’ when moving to a foreign country is important. Although it’s hard to look past the excitement of the journey ahead, it’s always good to have a backup plan within your plan. There is no doubt you will be faced with some pressing decisions in Australia, so having a Plan B is wise. It’s not uncommon for people to move to an area that doesn’t suit them long term, or to have trouble settling in when something doesn’t completely meet your expectations. Either way, part of being totally prepared, is to know the potential answer to, “what if this area doesn’t suit me/my family/my work/my dog? Where will I move?”

Having a Plan B means being better prepared for change – especially in the early days of a new move – and allows for a happier adaptation to your new environment.

#6 – Unrealistic expectation.

Now, in this section we are by no means suggesting you shouldn’t have positive expectation, as this is only natural – indeed, crucial – when looking for a fresh start. However, you should try your best to make sure your expectations are realistic; the first six months have the potential to be an emotional roller coaster. There will be ups and downs, and in the low moments some start to question if they’ve made the right decision. By researching your new home and organising the essentials for your move, you’re provide yourself with realistic expectations. Long term, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed in a happier life.

#7 – Using the wrong services.

Getting off to a good start when moving to Australia is the intention of every emigrant. To eliminate the stresses as much as possible, it’s imperative to investigate the services of reliable, reputable companies before using them.  This increases the chances of your dream move beginning with a smooth start. To best prepare for this, simply read reviews and compare company’s offerings and quotes. You want to be 100% confident with the provider you choose, whether it’s a migration agent, or shipping company. You need to know they are going to provide the level of service you truly deserve.

If you have any questions regarding the mistakes people make when moving to Australia, please don’t hesitate to get in touch
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