6 cheap essentials you need to take to Australia

6 Cheap Essentials when travelling to Australia

When you are relocating to any country permanently, there are many obvious items you just know you need to pack. But, there are also a few basic but essential items that often get overlooked and forgotten. To ensure you don’t make the same mistakes, here are 6 cheap essentials you need to take to Australia.

UK Travel AdapterUniversal Travel Adapter 

There is nothing worse than carefully packing your laptop, phones and all other personal electronic items, only to find when you get to your destination that you cannot charge them with your original UK chargers. Finding an adapter when you’re already in Australia is not the easiest task, so give yourself peace of mind and purchase one before you leave, or at the airport.


Extension Lead

UK Extension Leads

Following on from number 1, consider taking UK extension leads, as just one lead can save you from purchasing 4 separate adapters. We couldn’t source one anywhere in Australia, and therefore had to order two off Amazon to ship to Sydney! It was actually more economical to purchase one directly from the UK. This is extra important if you plan on taking your computer or any other necessary technologies, as a backup to adapters.


SimcardDon’t throw out your UK Sim Card

You never know when you may need to use this again, most importantly for receiving passwords or codes for verification purposes, especially if you’re transferring banking apps to your new Aussie phone, or transferring money between one country to another. On a similar note, if you intend on using your UK phone with an Australian sim, then make sure it’s unlocked for international use.


  1. MedicineMedication

  2. This is super important. If possible, you should take your Doctor’s notes, current medications and proof of any prescriptions you will need. When you touchdown in Australia and register with your local Doctors, you will be starting fresh, so taking the above will avoid the task of remembering your medical history, and the risk of getting caught short on your regular medications. Do your research into alternatives for all of your favourite ailment products, too. For example, Australia do not have ‘Day & Night Nurse’! They have similar products, but you may not be able to get exactly the same things you are used to, so doing your research will benefit you on your next trip to the Chemist.



  1. TravelcardA ‘Loaded For Travel’ Card

  2. These are very useful for that in-between stage, when you have only just arrived and are yet to set up a bank account, or cannot use your UK cards in Australia. Functioning like a universal credit card, you can load it with the Australian dollar before you leave, which will allow you to access your funds while you get set up with your chosen institution in Australia.



  1. Updated CV - essentials you need to take to AustraliaAn Updated CV

  2. If you haven’t already landed your dream job, which unfortunately for most this isn’t the case, you will no doubt have the tedious job of contacting employers looking for work, so Keeping your CV updated is a must. Instead of applying for specific roles, you can always save yourself from the hassle and upload your CV in our jobs section. This is a really handy tool to connect you with employers all over that are currently searching for skilled people like yourself.


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